This is the website about the series Jurassic Documentary, short films made using the game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. The movies are set on the island Isla Sorna from the Jurassic Park movies and novels.

Isla Sorna is the place were the dinosaurs were cloned and tested for the real park, set on Isla Nublar. The first episode starts long after the island has been abandoned, even after the movie The Lost World from 1997. Dinosaurs still roam the island. The first eposide is about a Tyrannosaurus Rex living on the island, nicknamed the Queen. We follow her during daily routine and more. 

After she presumably dies, the series shift to the raptors. After that, InGen wishes to rebuild Jurassic Park again but on Isla Sorna this time. It is a failure, as raptors invade the park. 

17 years later, the Queen appears to be still alive, and roams the island, 30 years after her original appearence.